Track All Your Appointments Magically

Minute-to-minute Automatic Time Tracking

SamTime is an Android app that keeps track of your appointments either by using a start/stop button or by Bluetooth connections to your car kit. It automatically selects a contact when it detects a contact address is near and adds the appointment to a Google Calendar. This gives you a minute-to-minute detailed view of where you've been. This can be extremely helpful if you're a freelancer or hourly worker or if you're just interested in where you've spend your day.

Best of all, SamTime is free and available in the Google Play Store.

Specially developed for

What will the app do for me?

Let's take a normal (work-) day while having the Samtime app installed on our phone.

  1. Goodmorning! You're on your way to your first appointment!
  2. When you arrive, Samtime will start tracking an appointment. It will save the start time, GPS location and detected contact.
  3. Driving to your next appointment, Samtime automatically stops the previous appointment and saves the appointment to your Google Calendar.
  4. Arrived at your next appointment! Samtime starts tracking again, and so on. SamTime doens't require any user interaction to work!

Now, what have we done?

At the end of the day, you will have all your tracked appointments in your Google Calendar and in the Samtime app.

You know exactly where you've been and what you've done.

All tracked data contains the contact's (company) name, the start/stop time, duration, a call-out charge and indication how much urnover you've generated based on your hourly-rate.

What our users say about us

Mark van der Voort
Computer Repair Specialist

I service computers and computer networks on-site and visit multiple clients daily. Before SamTime I had to write down all the arrival and departure times. Now with the Samtime app, I never have to write down anything. The app tracks all of my appointments automatically. So at the end of the day I know exactly what I've done. This makes invoicing supereasy!

Join the SamTime era and track your appointments automatically!

This is SamTime, the tech specs.

Here is a list of a few cool features

  • Automatic appointment tracking
  • Sync with your Google Calendar
  • Specify what contacts will be includes/excluded for automatic tracking
  • Configure ignore lists for locations and contacts
  • Define a call-out charge per mile
  • Define your hourly rate
  • Automatically round billable hours up, down or nearest to specified minutes
  • Configure the days of the week and times when automatic tracking is enabled
  • Label appointments as "Unbillable", "Billable" or "Billed"
  • Each tracked appointment contains the start/stop time, duration, location, turnover based on hourly rate and call-out charge.

SamTime takes privacy seriously.

SamTime keeps everything private on your phone. We hate all those privacy violating apps just like you do. Your data and whereabouts are kept safely on your phone only. There is no communication to any server what so ever. We place the Google Calendar events on your phone locally. If you sync your Google Calendar with the cloud these events are also synced, but are like normal appointments and do not contain any GPS data.

SamTime is 100% FREE, without ads!

SamTime is our gift to people with time tracking needs all over the world. It will remain free forever and there are no limitations what-so-ever and does not contain any advertisements. Your personal information and appointment data is never communicated to any server. This means we do not track your whereabouts and will not sell your information to third parties.

Yeah right... But how will you make money then?

In the near future we'll create a webservice that enables other apps to use your tracked appointments through the SamTime API. This optional feature will be available for a monthly fee and allow you to use the appointment data within other programs. Billing and invoicing tools for instance.

Join the SamTime era and track your appointments automatically!